3 Milwaukee Women Accused of Robbing TCF Bank In Milwaukee, Wisconsin

by Steven on December 2, 2011


Remember the movie “Set It Off” which starred Queen Latifah about 4 women that decided to solve their money problems by robbing a bank. Mistake #1!!!

Well here in my city Milwaukee, Wisconsin 3 women are accused of doing the same thing except one of the women involved was actually a bank teller. She told her friend exactly which bundles of cash to take and which ones not to take because they would set off the alarm.

Now this happened more than a month ago, but low and behold one of the women started talking about how they got away with it and I guess one of their friends decided to solve all their money problems by turning them in and getting the REWARD!!!

It’s been reported that they bought expensive cars with the cash among other things.

I’m amazed at how much trouble people will go through to try to steal money from people and businesses but they won’t take the time to simply use their minds to come up with legitimate ideas.

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UPDATE–FEB. 29, 2012
Because one of my businesses is in the Milwaukee Wisconsin market I know many people in the community. While visiting one of my clients he told me that he knew one of the girls that were involved and that it was true that they robbed the bank and planned it all out.

He also told me before they were caught 2 of them started bragging about not getting caught to their friends and family before they started spending the money on cars and clothes.

But there was something else that he said they told him. He said that the only reason why they thought they would get away with it was because they knew of a few white girls that did the same thing and when they got caught they only got a slap on the wrist.

When he told me that it started to make since. You see the girl that came in to rob the bank didn’t have a weapon she basically used words to rob the bank and because her friend (the teller) was involved she just handed over the money.

They thought the worse that could happen if they got caught was to have to pay back the money and that they would be fired.

Honestly this isn’t the first time something like this has happened.

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