Debt Collection Companies Don’t Think You have Rights

by Steven on May 29, 2012

Time and time again I talk to clients that fall for what debt collection company agents tell them about their Rights instead of looking up what their Rights really are.

There is a law that contains all your Rights pertaining to what debt collection companies can and cannot do. The Fair Debt Collection Act is the law that all debt collection companies must follow.

When it comes to the law most debt collection companies disregard the rules about contacting debtors. By law debt collection companies cannot call after 8pm and they cannot call your work or neighbors telling them that they are trying to get in touch with you about a debt.

They don’t get in trouble for this because they know that most people that they are calling are not able to pay a lawyer to sue them.

By law debt collection companies cannot call your neighbors to discuss your financial situation with them. They get away with it by calling your neighbors and saying they are trying to get in touch with you and would they go and give you a message. This is against the law “Technically”.

By law debt collection companies cannot send you a request for payment on a debt without having all the paperwork proving that you are the right person or that you actually owe the debt. But they get around it by sending a “Validation of Debt” letter that you have 30 days to respond to, if you don’t you just validated that you owe the debt even if you really didn’t owe the debt.

The write these letters in a sneaky way making you think that you owe the debt when they are actually asking you to just validate the debt.

If you need help contact my company and we can let you know what can be done when it comes to your outstanding debt(s) and credit repair.


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