Debt Collection Companies Getting More Aggressive

by Steven on April 10, 2012

Over the last few weeks I have settled several accounts for my clients with debt collection companies but I’ve noticed that the debt collection companies are becoming more aggressive with their actions to collect accounts.

One of their tactics is to send documents that seem to threaten the debtor with harsh legal action if they don’t pay up. From my experience the debt collection companies must have learned some new tactics to scare debtors into paying.

Debt collection companies can’t outright threaten to do things to you such as: put you in jail, get you fired from your job or embarrass you by calling your neighbors.

But they can send frightening documents that give you the feeling that they are going to get you in trouble some how.

Remember the job of the debt collection companies is to make you get upset and emotional so they can force you into paying more money than you have to.

Debt collection companies rarely pay more than 10% for any account that they purchase so there’s a lot of room for negotiation.

So don’t get upset or afraid of dealing with debt collection companies. Respond to all documents sent to you and request documents from them to validate the debt they are trying to collect from you.

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