Debt Collection Companies Try New Tactics

by Steven on February 20, 2012

Today I was reviewing a response from a national debt collection company for one of my clients. Rather than answer my clients responses to the initial summons to court they sent a list of “Interrogatories and Request for Production of Documents” concerning his summons to court for a $11,188.53 credit card debt.

My client isn’t denying or affirming the debt he is asking for proof from the current debt collection company that they have all the necessary documentation to sue him for the debt.

So they totally disregarded his answer to their summons and tried to use a stall tactic by sending “Interrogatories and Request for Production of Documents” concerning his summons to court.

Why would they do this? They are trying to either have my client not want to spend more money to have an answer to the “Interrogatories” because they don’t have the necessary documentation to substantiate that he actually owes the credit card debt in question.

I immediately had my client respond with a certified letter requesting again answers to his response to their summons.

The debt collection company actually attempted to make my client prove that he owed the credit card debt. When by law the Plaintiff is required to prove the facts against the defendant.

Debt collection companies are winning because most individuals will not face them and institute their rights as a citizen in court.

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