Debt Collection Company Try To Get You Emotional

by Steven on February 20, 2012

The #1 job of a debt collection company is to try to get you emotional about the debt you owe.

They do this because they might not have all the necessary documentation proving that you actually owe the debt and they don’t want you even thinking about possibly challenging the debt.

So the first thing they will do it send you a standard letter in the mail explaining that they are trying to “Attempt to Collect A Debt”. Read the bottom of the letter if you have one.

If you really cool down and read the letter for what it really is…you’ll find that the initial letter from the debt collection company is actually an attempt to have you “Deny” or “Acknowledge” the debt in question.

This is where the “Emotions” start to come in. They don’t want you to really understand the letter for what it really is they want you to get emotional about a debt that you probably owe, BUT if you respond properly they will take a step back and have to prove that you really owe the debt.

I know that might be a little confusing so I’m going to teach you step by step what you should do when contacted by a debt collection company about a debt you may or may not owe.

First you receive a call from a debt collection company about a debt you owe.

1. Request that they send it to you in writing. Don’t answer any question about your job, open checking accounts, open credit card balances, etc. Regardless if they threaten you or not just request that they send it to you in writing.

2. When you get the letter in writing you should immediately respond with a proof of contract letter.

3. You must send the letter Certified Mail for proof of receipt. If you don’t they will disregard it after they read it.

4. Wait for their response. You have a 50-50 chance that they will go away if you do this. Your chances are better if the older the debt is. Because these companies buy and sell old debt all the time if they don’t have the appropriate paperwork proving that you owe the debt they will go away most of the time.

In closing…you must keep yourself from being emotional about the debt collection company calls. You must answer your phone and request everything in writing. You must immediately respond to their letters in writing requesting that they provide you proof of the debt.

Proof is not a paid receipt stating that they purchased the debt from another creditor. The debt collection company must have the original documentation from the original creditor proving that you sign for credit and the purchases you’ve made using that credit.

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