Debt Elimination

Debt Elimination has become a very popular buzz word due to the current economic conditions BUT…Debt Elimination has been misunderstood by most consumers.

You like most might think “Debt Elimination” is to somehow “Magically Eliminate” your debt with some type of law or technicality. Well the correct definition of Debt Elimination is to eliminate your debt. This can be done by a number of strategies but the most widely used way is to either file bankruptcy or consolidate debt.

Another strategy is to negotiate debts down with creditors to pay it off.

But you might be surprised that the best solution other than filing bankruptcy is to set up a plan to pay off your debt and then put together a plan to accelerate the pay off of your debt.

All of the credit card relief companies, auto relief and mortgage modification companies are just rip-offs and you should run away from them. They will actually make your situation worse!

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