Financial Questions and Answers March 5, 2013

by Steven on March 6, 2013

Q. Why is my wife withholding sex because of our financial situation?
A. Your wife is holding back because she doesn’t feel like you are trying your best to support the family.

Q. Every time I go on a job interview I seem to get turned down or no call back, someone told me they might be checking my credit report, can they do this?
A. Yes employers are checking credit to see what type of person you are. I don’t agree that they should be able to do this but we must all admit if you want to see if someone will handle your money the right way check out how they are handling their own money.

Q. If I file bankruptcy will it solve all of my problems?
A. The pressure of your creditors will be relieved. More importantly you need to learn from your past irresponsibilities and live within your means.

Q. Will my bad spending habits rub off on my children?
A. Yes, probably one of the worst habits that we pass down to our children is the way we handle our money. That explains why you’ll see sports stars, actors, musicians, etc. go broke even though they have more money than they thought they would ever have.

Q. A debt collector called my house and threatened to put me in jail, can they really do that?
A. Yes and No…they can’t put you in jail for not paying a debt but they can have you arrested for not answering how you will pay a debt.

Q. Should I divorce my husband because we are struggling financially?
A. Absolutely not! You should sit down with your husband and work out a plan of action to get your debt under control and paid off over a period of time. If both of you agree to the plan and stick to it everything else will work out.

Q. I just got a copy of my credit report and I noticed that I have a Tax Lien and several collections on my report what should I do first?
A. You should validate all the information on your report first. Regardless if you owe the debt or not you have a right to request a full validation of any debt you owe.

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