How To Fight Debt Collection Companies

by Steven on July 17, 2012

Of all the benefits of my work with helping clients repair their credit and get out of debt I get most of my happiness from helping people like yourself fight back and beat debt collection companies.

I’ve been doing this business for years and probably one of the biggest revelations that I’ve came across when settling debt for my clients was when I found out that one of the biggest debt collection companies was actually just a debt collection company by name. They sold the accounts that they purchased to debt collection companies and attorneys for a smaller fee.

You might be saying why is this a revelation? Because most debt collection companies hide behind that fact. They actually state in their court filings that they are representing the debt collection company that they really actually purchased the debt from.

Why is that so important in your case? Regardless if they purchase a debt, are assigned a debt or are representing another debt collection company they must “Validate” that they can collect the debt. They must provide to the court the exact documents from each company stating how they became the authorized owner/assignee, etc. for that particular debt.

From my personal experience debt collection companies will actually outright lie to the court because most debtors will not even show up to court or they will not fight for their rights, mainly because they don’t know what they can do.

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