How To Make Debt Collection Companies Stop Calling

by Steven on February 22, 2012

Having a debt collection company call your house, work or neighbors is probably one of the most intrusive, embarrassing and depressing experiences that you can probably have.

Most people deal with it by not answering their phone and hoping the debt collection company will get the hint and stop calling or just go away. But this will not happen. They will actually ramp up their calls by possibly calling your neighbors or work.

You might be saying is this legal? Yes and No! But the debt collection companies know that you will probably not go through the work to make them stop calling so they will continue to call.

Debt collection companies use this tactic to embarrass you into paying. There have actually been news reports of people that didn’t owe a debt but the debt collection company called their job and neighbors to embarrass them into paying a debt that they really didn’t owe.

Debt collection companies know that if you have too many calls from them to your employer your employer might lose trust with you and fire you.

If you want to make debt collection companies stop calling your home, neighbors or work follow these steps.

Step by Step How To Make Debt Collection Companies Stop Calling…
1. When you receive a call from the debt collection company have them send you what they are requesting in writing.

2. When you receive the letter from them IMMEDIATELY send a letter stating that you want proof to validate the debt they are trying to attempt to collect. For more information on that (Validate Debt)

3. With in your response letter asking for them to validate the debt they are trying to collect you also inform them that you would only like them to contact you in writing and that any communication by phone to your home, work or neighbors would be considered harassment.

4. You must send this back to them “Certified Mail – signature required”.

9 times out of 10 debt collections companies will either just go away or stop calling because they understand that you’ve put them on notice and that you’ve documented that they have been put on notice.

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