Auto Insurance

How To Buy Auto Insurance and Why You Need It.

Automobile insurance isn’t just to protect you and your vehicle from unforeseen damages and injuries caused by accidents. It also protects you against lawsuits if you happen to be at fault.

There are several companies that offer auto insurance and its always best to shop around for the best price. Always review your quotes to make sure you have adequate amounts for ‘Collision and Comprehensive’.

Collision – is for damages and injuries caused in a auto collision.

Comprehensive – is for damages such as someone scratches up your car or breaks your window.

Deductible – is the difference you’ll pay before your insurance will cover any damages. Example if your damages were $1,000 and your Deductible is $200. Your insurance will expect you to pay $200 towards your automobiles damages.


I’ve used these to get discounts from my auto insurance carrier.
*Pay 6 months or 1 year advance.
*Increase your deductible. (only if you have a fully funded saving account – accessible)
*This might sound crazy but my insurance provider Esurance gave me a discount for having a PayPal Account.
*Age is very important, the older you are the less you’ll pay.
*A good driving record.
*Married, if you are married you’re more likely to get a discount.
*Home Owner, if you own your own home you’re more likely to get a discount.
*If you purchase your homeowners and auto insurance from the same provider you’ll get a guaranteed discount.

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