Disability Insurance is a must for anyone that has a family. If you are single it is necessary if you have outstanding obligations that you don’t want to use your saving to pay while you are unable to work.

There are several forms of Disability Insurance. Most common is the type that will pay you a lump sum of cash that you can use to pay bills, etc. while you are unable to work.

This is even a good idea even if you have health insurance. Your health insurance will pay for your medical bills but your disability insurance will pay for your monthly expenses and it can also help with your deductible payments from your medical bills.

The most common type of disability insurance covers any injury or illness that will not allow you to work. When shopping around make sure your policy allows your doctor to determine if you can’t work not the underwriter of the disability insurance policy. Also make sure you get a lump sum payment. This will allow you to not worry about receiving payments or having problems with late payments from your insurer.

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