Home Owners

Homeowners insurance is a very important back-up plan for if something goes wrong at your home. You need to make sure you always have the appropriate amounts of coverages and that you completely understand your policy.

Things To Watch Out For:
*Insurance companies might over insure you for the and end up charging you more. This is sometimes done by over estimating the amount of a total rebuild of your home if totally damaged in a fire. When figuring a rebuild amount it can sometimes (usually is) more than you paid originally for the property. You need to make sure you have coverage for demolition and clean-up of the old home plus the total rebuild of your home back to what it was before.

When figuring out the appropriate coverage most agents might visit your home, but some may do it over the phone just make sure you describe your home and features as best as possible.

If you are over covered its a waste of money because the insurance company will only cover what it cost they won’t pay more just because you’re covered for more. As a matter of fact they will have their bought and paid for contractors usually make lower offers on rebuilding than a builder of your choice.

If you live in an area that has flooding problems you need to get a clarification of your flood coverages. Flooding from outside water isn’t the same as flooding inside from your sump pump.

If you have a finished basement you’ll need to make sure the coverages include total repairs of the finished product not just cleaning up the basement.

Ask About Discounts:
There are several discounts that you should be away of when getting insurance such as:
*Fire hydrant distance to your home discount.
*Fire/Theft/Carbon Monoxide Alarm.
*Fire Extinguisher in your home.
*Age of roof.
*Higher deductible
*Windstorm or hair percentage deductible
*New home discount
*Purchasing your home/auto from the same company.
*Prepay 1 year
*Deadbolt locks
*Make sure to ask about more discounts.

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