Lexington Law Credit Repair

by Steven on January 22, 2013

I’m writing this article because several of my debt settlement and debt elimination clients have expresses the interest in cleaning up their credit after they finished clearing up their debt.

Probably one of the most popularly advertised companies is Lexington Law. They advertise themselves as a lawyer based credit repair service and that they can remove debt collections, judgments, medical bills, tax liens and other negative items off of clients credit reports.

The cost is roughly $99 per month. I’ve actually talked to current and former clients of their services and it seems like they are offering a good service but they are mostly hands off. These actually clients express concerns with customer service and if they could really do what they claimed in their advertising.

One client expressed concerns about not getting any items removed from their credit report after 3 months of paying $99.

Before signing up with any credit repair company you should do your homework. Here are somethings that I’d advise you to look for when selecting a credit repair company.

1) Check out their credentials. Are they a member of the Better Business Bureau. Are they licensed and bonded.
2) Do they have testimonials. Satisfied clients are a good way to see if a company is doing what they say they can do.
3) Google them. Google the name of the company you’ll be surprised at what you’ll see.
4) Call the company and speak to a representative. When talking to them ask them questions about their process and guarantee’s.

Just doing that will save you a lot of time when choosing a credit repair company.

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