Merry Christmas Even Though Dad Ran Away From Home…

by Steven on December 5, 2011

When I started this blog I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t allow it to be boring and that I would speak my mind.

Well this is really one of those times. The headline says it all…Merry Christmas Even Though Dad Ran Away From Home.

What the hell is that all about? This is a great time of the year but for some reason this is also the time of the year that most men decide to abandon their families due to financial problems. In my neighborhood a family just lost their home to foreclosure. With Christmas less than a month away they had to move out of their huge comfortable home in the cold December weather.

Wow! I can just imagine how the man of the house was feeling. Hopefully they will rebound and keep their family together.

Why do so many men decide to leave their families at this time of the year. Is the pain of not being able to provide financially so painful that they would rather leave their family to struggle alone rather than at least staying and trying to survive as a family?

It would seem to make more sense to keep the family together and have the man of the house work 2 or 3 jobs to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads.

It really does bring tears to my eye’s to think of a woman with children having to struggle to survive because the man of the house decided to run away from his responsibilities. What does he think they are going to do? Does he think there situation will some how get better after he leaves?

If you find yourself in a financial bind here are the steps you need to take to keep your family together and get your finances under control. Please don’t leave your family!

Here are the 7 Steps to getting your financial house in order…

1. Stabilizing your household situation – you’ll never be able to pay off any debt if you can’t ensure that you and your family has a roof over your head, food on the table, utilities paid and transportation to and from work.

2. Set-up a budget – you’ll never understand how to management your money unless you know to the dollar what’s coming in and what’s going out.

3. Put together a debt elimination plan – when you have a budget you can put together a strategy to pay off your debt faster because you see what’s in front of you.

4. Establish an emergency fund – this is very important because most people use a credit card for an emergency fund and that’s a problem. If you have cash on hand more than likely you’ll rarely have emergencies and if you do have one you won’t have to go into debt to take care of it. I recommend at least $500 to $1,000 accessible cash with no penalties if used. While getting out of debt.

5. Review for acceleration of your debt elimination plan – once you have the other steps on paper there are several options that will open up for settlement offers on credit cards, automobiles, payday loans, etc.

6. Action + Action + Belief + Concentration = Tremendous Results – nothing will happen without you taking definite action with belief you can accomplish your goals and a high level of concentration to keep you focused on your goals.

7. Start saving for life experiences…Fun, Retirement, Generational Wealth

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