Mom Kills Herself and Children After Being Denied Food Stamps

by Steven on December 9, 2011

There are 2 things that are guaranteed during this time of the year. People are going to spend their money on gifts and people are going to get stressed out due to their financial situation.

Below we have a reprint of a story of a San Antonio, Texas woman who was denied food stamps and she was under so much stress to provide for her children that she thought the only way out was to kill her children and kill herself.

SAN ANTONIO, Texas Hours before her mother shot her, Ramie Marie Grimmer, 12, posted a chilling Facebook update: “May die 2day.”

Ramie wrote the words Monday night after her mother had taken her and her 10-year-old brother, Timothy Grimmer, hostage along with a human services worker at a state office in Laredo, Texas, police said Wednesday.

The standoff ended late Monday with Rachelle Grimmer shooting Ramie and Timothy once each in the head and then killing herself, police said.

Ramie died Wednesday in a San Antonio hospital. Her brother Timothy is in critical condition.

The seven-hour ordeal began when Rachelle Grimmer visited the state welfare agency in Laredo with her children, angry because the family had been denied food stamps.

When the family entered the office, shortly before 5 p.m., Grimmer asked to speak to a new caseworker, not one with whom she worked previously, Texas Department of Health and Human Services spokeswoman Stephanie Goodman told The Associated Press.

Shortly thereafter, Goodman said, Grimmer was taken to a private room to discuss her case.

She said it was there that the mother revealed a gun and the standoff began.

Police negotiators stayed on the phone with Grimmer throughout the evening, but she kept hanging up, Laredo police investigator Joe Baeza said.

She allegedly told negotiators about a litany of complaints against state and federal government agencies.

Grimmer let a supervisor go unharmed around 7:45 p.m., but stayed inside the office with her children.

Hostage negotiators stayed on the phone with Grimmer, reported the AP.

Five minutes later, 12-year-old Ramie changed the “employer” section of her Facebook account to “may die 2day.”

Nearly three hours later, at 10:34 p.m., Ramie posted “im bored,” and then 18 minutes later, “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahhhhhhhh”.

Ramie’s final post, at 11:28 p.m., read “tear gas seriasly” [sic], an apparent reference to the SWAT team that had surrounded the building.

In response, a woman on Facebook who identifies herself as Ramie and Timothy’s grandmother wrote back “I’m here for you guys. no reason to be afraid”.

But after negotiators hung up the phone with Grimmer around 11:45 p.m., police heard three shots, and entered the building.

Inside, they found Grimmer’s body and her two wounded children.

The children’s other grandmother told The AP her former daughter-in-law had a history of mental problems.

Mary Lee Shepherd of Montana says she and her son Dale Grimmer, the children’s father, had contacted social workers at least three times.

She says they worried Grimmer could harm the children.

Grimmer first applied for food stamps in July but was denied because she didn’t turn in enough information, Goodman said.

Goodman said Grimmer’s last contact with the agency appeared to be a phone call in mid-November.

It wasn’t clear what specifically triggered Monday’s deadly standoff.

“This wasn’t like a knee-jerk reaction,” said Baeza, adding that Grimmer felt she was owed restitution of some sort.

Here are the 7 Steps to getting your financial house in order…

1. Stabilizing your household situation – you’ll never be able to pay off any debt if you can’t ensure that you and your family has a roof over your head, food on the table, utilities paid and transportation to and from work.

2. Set-up a budget – you’ll never understand how to management your money unless you know to the dollar what’s coming in and what’s going out.

3. Put together a debt elimination plan – when you have a budget you can put together a strategy to pay off your debt faster because you see what’s in front of you.

4. Establish an emergency fund – this is very important because most people use a credit card for an emergency fund and that’s a problem. If you have cash on hand more than likely you’ll rarely have emergencies and if you do have one you won’t have to go into debt to take care of it. I recommend at least $500 to $1,000 accessible cash with no penalties if used. While getting out of debt.

5. Review for acceleration of your debt elimination plan – once you have the other steps on paper there are several options that will open up for settlement offers on credit cards, automobiles, payday loans, etc.

6. Action + Action + Belief + Concentration = Tremendous Results – nothing will happen without you taking definite action with belief you can accomplish your goals and a high level of concentration to keep you focused on your goals.

7. Start saving for life experiences…Fun, Retirement, Generational Wealth

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