New Legislation Will Allow “Robo Calls” To Our Cell Phones From Debt Collectors

by Steven on October 17, 2011

I can’t believe it but the debt collectors have bought their way into another piece of legislation. Secretly tucked away into President Obama’s debt-reduction bill is a provision that would allow so-called “Robo-Calls” from debt collectors trying to collect outstanding federal debts such as student loans and taxes.

Even worse a broader proposal that falls under House Bill 3035 (The Mobile Informational Call Act of 2011) allows all businesses such as: debt collectors, banks, airlines, store owners, department stores, etc. to make “Robo-Calls” to our cell phones also.

These calls can be for what I call “Cell Phone Spamming” for anything they would like. Because the laws for consumers are weak when it comes to cell phones businesses are looking take advantage of the situation for as long as they can. So we can expect to be bombarded with “Cell Phone Spamming” by all types of companies.

You might be wondering if the Cell Phone “Do Not Call” list will transfer to this new law…the answer is ????? I really don’t know.

You’ll probably be able to block regular telemarketing from companies trying to sell things but when it comes to debt collectors you’ll have to know your rights to make them stop calling you.

When it comes to dealing with debt collectors you always want to put it in writing. You can never prove anything if you only have your word against theirs.

When ever a debt collector calls you get their mailing address and before you hang up tell them that you want them to only communicate with you by mail.

After that you mail them a letter stating the same thing. Send the letter United Postal Certified Signature Return Receipt Mail so you’ll have proof. 9 times out of 10 they will only contact you by mail and sometimes they will leave you alone.

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