Nine Nifty Ways to Earn an Extra $100 Bucks a Month

by Steven on November 15, 2011

You don’t have to suffer if you are hurting for money. Renting can be expensive, and sometimes not exactly worth the money you pay. You’ve got to pay your monthly rent, plus your electric bill, water bill, gas bill, and other bills. Consider everything monthly. The rates build up, and you can easily fall into debt. No one wants to get in debt, but sometimes it seems unavoidable. However, there is a way you can afford it, and get your money’s worth every month, while seemingly lowering your monthly payments. No matter what the situation, there’s an apartment that’s right for you.

Get a small side Internet job that you can work from home. Many online jobs allow you to put in some time once a week or so on weekends, so you can have more money coming in. This can quickly equate to earning an extra $100 a month.

Sell items on eBay. If you have a hobby of garage sale hopping, look for small treasures when you’re out shopping. Buy cheap and sell high on eBay. EBay is an online auction website that allows you to sell items quickly and easily. If you stick to it and make it a priority, you can easily earn an extra $100 a month.

Turn a hobby into a small business. If you enjoy web design but don’t do it as a career, advertise that you can create web sites for people quickly and easily. Don’t charge too much, because you want to do it as a hobby and you do want to get customers. But charging a nominal fee is a great way to turn something you enjoy doing into $100 each month.

Find people who owe you money. If you start tying up loose ends and tracking down people you have judgments against, you can start collecting cash. Also look at cable companies that you may have overpaid. Ask for your refund. Find companies that you owe money to and it quite possibly can turn into an extra $100 each month.

Start selling old things in your house that you no longer need. Everyone has things in their home that they haven’t used in a year or more. These items oftentimes can be sold quite easily and not missed. Start posting these items on sites like Craig’s List or eBay and you can quickly and easily earn extra income each month. This is also a great way to start sorting out the things from your home that you no longer need. Soon enough you will have a streamlined household.

Instead of having bills mailed to you, and having to worry about writing and mailing out checks to several different people every thirty days, there’s one flat rate to pay every month. This payment will include your rent bill, water, gas, electric, and many other things that come with the apartment. You’d be surprised at how low the payments per month actually are.

There are some more expensive apartments. However, if you want more luxury with the place you’re living. Some apartment rent rates are higher than others, and this is because some apartments have hidden bills and fees. Obviously, the gas and electric bills are very high due to everyone living in the apartment, but again, the bills are divided up fairly equally. Another good thing is that, within reason, you can use a fair amount of water and gas and electricity and not get charged more for it every month.

Living in an apartment and having one fixed bill per month can be a major stress reliever, and a good way to help things get organized. Apartments can be fun and cheap places to live.

Annual fees are expenses paid every year for keeping/owning your credit card. These fees are usually tracked by points. For example, 10 points equals 10% of the original credit line. So if you’ve got a $200 bill, you might have 25 days to pay it, and if you’re late on the payment, you’ll get charged a certain amount of money in addition to the original $200 fee.


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Vijay mall November 27, 2011 at 11:52 am

I really liked this article. so many small ways to make money from home…


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