Question and Answer About Debt and Debt Collection Companies

by Steven on August 8, 2012

Question and Answers
Q. My married is about to fail. My husband and I are always arguing over money. Due to the economy we’ve had a cut in our paychecks but what does that have to do with us not getting along now?

A. Money isn’t everything or is it? I think the person that made up that statement didn’t have any money!

It takes money to do everything in life. Even if you are a down and out bum on the street you still need money to eat and drink.

Back to your question…you and your husband are arguing because the both of you spent your money like there was no tomorrow.

Because you are struggling financially your husband probably feels like he’s not doing his job and you’re probably withholding affection from him because you feel like he’s not providing for the family.

Money Problems = loss of communication!

The good news is you can save your marriage but both of you must be willing to stop blowing your money.

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