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by Steven on April 24, 2011

Unless you live under a rock or don’t drive you know that gas prices have skyrocketed over the last few weeks. We can always expect an uptick due to the spring and summer driving season due to holiday and summer vacation traveling.

But this uptick has caught everyone off guard because there really isn’t a reason for the increase. Yes there are some uprisings in the Middle East that kinda have the markets a little scared, but the volume of driving and the demands for oil has really stayed moderate.

But there is a culprit that every American seems to overlook and that culprit is the falling value of our U.S. Currency. Every time we increase our debt load and print money the value of the U.S. Dollar goes down. In turn this will increase the amount we pay for commodities such as gas, oil, groceries, etc.

This type of increase is very hard for the average American to understand because we are use to leading with out currency. The U.S. Dollar is good everywhere…Right? Well of late is hasn’t been.

Unlike other people that tell you that the United States will go bankrupt I’m hear to tell you that we can’t go bankrupt. Why because we are a sovereign country. We can continue printing money and its up to other countries not to accept it. If they don’t we will close our boarders and everyone will suffer.

A very good friend of mine from another country once told me “so goes the United States so goes the world”.

But that is what it is…as of right now many American’s can put enough gas in their automobile to get around without running out of gas.

There has been news reports of AAA giving their members 2 gallons of gas for free if they run out of gas. But some members have been running out of gas on purpose at a gas station and paying for 1 gallon on their own and getting the free 2 gallons from AAA.

Several business associates of mine own and operate gas stations and they tell me that its really bad. They see people come in with $4 and they can’t get a full gallon of gas now.

So what are people going to start doing when gas prices go up to $5 or $6? Some news reports have estimated the price of gas could go up to $8 per gallon.

Take the bus, walk, ride a bike but will that really work? If gas prices continue to rise I can see certain people having to make major changes to their lifestyle to make sure they keep their heads above water.

You might find yourself in this situation or on the verge of having financial trouble if your cost of living increases. The cost of oil and the lower value of the U.S. Dollar will make everything you buy go up.

If you’re like most American’s you will just take it up the you know what and do nothing about it. Hoping things will just get better by itself. They will go to work and continue to earn what they earn, maybe they will go out and get a 2nd or 3rd job to make ends meet?

Or you can do something about it. Step one is you need to get out of debt. This is very important because the monthly payments you’re making could be going towards maintaining your household.

If you don’t have debt or very low debt you can absorb downsizing at your job, pay cuts, layoffs and cost of living increases.

No its not fun to have to pay more for the same household expenses but its better than not having enough money to pay them.

The next step is to bring in more income and I’m not talking about finding another job. To solve your financial problems you need to start some sort of homebased business. It could be as simple as providing tutoring services, lawn services, painting, simply doing things that you’re good at that other people hate to do.

If you’re good at computer graphics, programming, making websites you can offer your services on websites such as elance.com, peopleperhour.com and guru.com these websites get a lot of traffic from individuals and business owners looking to get busy work done at a discount.

If you really want to make sure you don’t fall victim to the increased cost of living you must think outside of the box and do smart things to bring in more revenue. Also keep in mind you can’t work enough hours to keep up with the cost of living. By starting your own business you can put yourself in the position to earn more money within an hour than you could all day.

You don’t have to get incorporated or make a big deal about starting your business with fancy business cards and flyers. You just have to know what service you want to provide and figure out some free or cheap ways to let people know about it.

*Classified ads
*Craigs List
*Business cards
*Post cards
*Email friends and family

Don’t settle for what other people tell you. You deserve more and the only way you’ll get it is if you go out there and get it. I’ve always lead my life this way and you should too.

But before you begin you need to get your financial house in order. Your debt will make your household unstable and make you susceptible to high levels of stress, uncontrollable emotions and depression.


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