The Real Debt Solution Online Software System

I’m proud to announce that we are re-launching The Real Debt Solution Software System. Originally introduced in 2008.

The software has helped my clients achieve success solving their debt problems.  Because I was inexperienced in programming I had to hire software programmers to do the coding work.  The company I hired was not able to make the software exactly the way I wanted it but nothings perfect right?

There was one specific feature that is Proprietary to my company that they were not able to duplicate within the software.  So I decided to have my clients send in their information and we handled the work for them and mailed it back to them, but that would hold up the progress of my clients because it took time to work out their programs.

But now I’ve hired a new programming team and we’ve made it totally online and I’m able to expand the software without having send out updates to my users.  Instead of a price of $249.99 I’ve lowered the price to a very affordable $9.95 per month.  I think the my clients will see the value and see that the subscription to the online version will be well worth it.

Here’s what The Real Debt Solution Online Software System has:

*Getting Started – this is where you start first with your personal information – we never sell or trade that information we just need it to provide excellent service for you.

*Personal and Financial Goals – I don’t let any of my clients go any further until that complete this section.  If they don’t want to do it I give them their money back.  Settle personal and financial goals will help you stay on track when you start your journey toward becoming debt free.

*Why are you in debt – this is a simple question and answer session where we dig down deep to find out why you spend your hard earned money so easily.

*Budgeting – this is where you set up a budget with all of your household expenses and your consumer debt.

*NEW FEATURE Debt Elimination Plan – this is what we use to do at my office and mail back to our clients, but now we have integrated this feature into the online version.  Using the information from your budget the software will figure out the fasted and easiest way for you to get out of debt.  Many of my clients have programs to have them 100% debt free including their house within 3 to 5 years.

*Debt Negotiation Letters – After your program is designed I show you how to accelerate your debt elimination plan by making settlement offers to your creditors.  BUT this must be done a certain way.  I show you step by step how to do it.

*Credit Card Elimination – This is an ebook that I wrote that show exactly how I negotiated a $4,500 credit card account down to $500 cash.  I show you a lot of tips and tricks that you can use to settle your credit card debt without signing up with these rip-off debt negotiation/elimination companies that are advertising all over TV and radio.

*Credit Repair – Because you’ll need to re-establish your credit to buy a house and a car if you don’t have cash I’ve put together a list of letters you’ll need to re-establish your credit to have marks taken off your credit report.

*Set Follow-up Dates – A huge key to your success will be determined on how you consistently follow up on your plan and with creditors.  I take all the risk away by having a follow up reminder programmed into the software.  When you log-in it will remind you if you have a follow-up task that is close.

*Buy or Not to Buy – I added this tool because I understand that we are all bombarded with advertising constantly. Corporations spend millions of dollars trying to convince us to purchase their products and services. This tool will run you through a logical process before you buy something.

*Daily Spending – This tool will help you learn where all of your extra money is going. If you know that you make more than you are spending but you still have a tough time making ends meet. This tool will show you where all of your extra money is going.

*Protect Your Family – If you are the sole bread winner of your family you need to protect your family. I provide several sources that you can use to make sure they are financially protected if something happens to you.

*Emergency Fund Tool – Having an emergency fund will help you stop using credit cards, payday loans, personal loans and borrowing money from friends and family. I show you how to start saving and you’ll be able to track it using this tool.

*Help / Customer Service – We will always be here to help you with any questions you might have.

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