What To Do When Debt Collection Companies Call

by Steven on February 27, 2012

It’s a Tuesday night and your getting ready to sit down and eat dinner and watch a little TV and the phone rings. You look at the caller ID and it has a funny number (toll-free) and a weird name such as NCR Services.

After a few seconds you decide to answer the phone and you’re shocked when the person on the other line says…”can I speak to John…you say this is John…they say…John this is NCR Services I’m calling about a debt that you owe and I need to know how and when you’re going to pay it.”

This type of call takes you off guard because they sound friendly until they start asking for what they are calling about.

The debt collection company might make all types of threats to sue you or have you arrested. The debt collection company might threaten to call your job and get you in trouble with your boss.

If you don’t have the money to settle the account you will just start to avoid their calls. So every time you see that funny phone number on the caller ID you just ignore it and you tell everyone else in your home not to answer calls from that phone number.

The debt collection companies actually have you in their trap when you start to avoid their calls because without knowing it you’ve verified that the debt they are trying to collect is valid.

Step by Step How To Make Debt Collection Companies Stop Calling…
1. When you receive a call from the debt collection company have them send you what they are requesting in writing.

2. When you receive the letter from them IMMEDIATELY send a letter stating that you want proof to validate the debt they are trying to attempt to collect. For more information on that (Validate Debt)

3. With in your response letter asking for them to validate the debt they are trying to collect you also inform them that you would only like them to contact you in writing and that any communication by phone to your home, work or neighbors would be considered harassment.

4. You must send this back to them “Certified Mail – signature required”.

9 times out of 10 debt collections companies will either just go away or stop calling because they understand that you’ve put them on notice and that you’ve documented that they have been put on notice.

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